About Royal Restrooms

History of Royal Restrooms

After a 2004 porta potty mishap that left he and his potty-training daughter soiled and disgusted, commercial banker David Sauers, Jr. became determined to end the substandard bathroom conditions that always seemed to plague outdoor events.

Sauers teamed up with good friend and engineer Robert Glisson, and together they sought to develop a comfortable and sanitary portable restroom option for the outdoor facilities industry.

The Royal Restrooms Mission

Royal Restrooms of East Texas provides turnkey, convenient and professional luxury portable restrooms and showers for weddings, festivals, disaster recovery, black tie events and business/construction remodels.

The mission of Royal Restrooms is to lead the luxury portable restroom and shower rental industry by providing superior products, the best possible service, and a lasting positive experience for every client and guest served.


Royal Restrooms of Texas has 3 locations to serve all of Texas with multiple portable toilet rentals in a variety of sizes to accommodate any event from deluxe portable toilets to luxury portable bathroom rentals. Our portable trailer restrooms come in single stalls to 10 stall trailer restrooms for rent giving you a lot of options, The best customer service and the Royal Restrooms experience.

The Regal Portable Restroom Experience™

Knowing that there’s no place like home when it comes to personal care, Sauers and Glisson designed their Royal Restrooms with consideration to the comforts and amenities that one would find under their own roof. Each of the spacious Royal Restrooms included fully functioning bathroom fixtures, vanities with mirrors, toiletries, and climate control.

But it didn’t stop there. Sauers and Glisson further defined their Royal Restrooms brand, calling it a regal portable restroom experience™, and added contemporary decor, music, and their signature butter mints on the counter tops.

Finally, the team decided to make their luxury restrooms fully mobile and housed them inside custom trailers that provide outdoor lighting, stairs with handrails, and occupancy light indicators.

After over a decade in business, the Royal Restrooms product line is comprised of over a dozen variations of luxury portable restroom trailers, and the Royal Restrooms portfolio of services includes countless events from weddings, festivals, sporting events, office remodels, emergency responses, and everything in between.

Royal Restrooms  provides turnkey, convenient and professional luxury portable restrooms and showers for weddings, festivals, disaster recovery, black tie events and business/construction remodels.

When it comes to Outdoor weddings the restroom may be the last thing you think of renting. Royal restrooms has made your outdoor wedding event able to handle large numbers with its Wedding restroom rentals that suite any type of environment and decor. We understand everything about your wedding restroom rental needs to be as luxurious as your wedding event.

Royal Restrooms, nationwide leading rental provider of mobile restrooms and mobile shower Portable Bathrooms Hurricane Katrinatrailers, offers emergency planning assistance to organizations that are integrating portable bathrooms into their existing or developing plans.

David Sauers, Jr., head of the Royal Restrooms Emergency Response Team, is recognized nationally as an adept and trusted industry consultant. His disaster preparedness experience ranges from advisement to businesses and private and government emergency management agencies, such as FEMA, to media industry spokesperson on national and international disaster situations.

In many cases, portable bathrooms can be placed on retainer at a reduced cost, and emergency service delivery is guaranteed any where in the contiguous United States within 24-48 hours of a confirmed agreement.

For more information on the company’s invaluable emergency planning service. It’s never too soon to plan for the unexpected.