Royal Restrooms of Texas offers a variety of luxury portable restroom trailers suitable for most any occasion. Whether you’re hosting an intimate outdoor gathering or planning an office remodel, the Royal Restrooms portable restroom trailers provide the perfect solution for your restroom facility needs. When it comes to portable restroom trailer rental or portable toilet rental prices we have a large inventory to accommodate most budgets and any size event.

Our portable restroom trailers are perfect for any outdoor wedding restroom rental with each of the Royal Restrooms luxurious restroom units providing individuals with the comforts of home in clean, comfortable, private deluxe to luxury restroom rentals featuring:

  • Full-Flushing Porcelain Toilets
  • Sinks with Running Water
  • Vanities and Mirrors
  • Soap and Hand Towels
  • Air Conditioning or Heat
  • Tasteful Decor Including Rugs, Pictures, and Flowers
  • Ample Indoor Lighting and Low-Level Outdoor Lighting
  • Occupancy Light Indicator
  • The Famous Royal Restrooms Mints

At Royal Restrooms of Texas, we know that space and mobility are extremely important. That’s why all of our portable restroom trailers are uniquely designed to be completely self-contained and as compact as comfortably possible. Each unit is powered by a single 110-volt 20-amp outlet, or a generator when no mains power is available (generators are available to rent for an additional fee). Water can be supplied by a spigot and garden hose or an on-board fresh water tank (fresh water holding tanks range from 80 to 300 gallons, additional tanks may be rented for each unit). All portable restroom trailers house an on-board waste water tank ranging from 200 to 700 gallons in size.

Our Bathroom Toilet Trailer Units are self enclosed and the portable bathroom trailers offer all the amenities you see in your home to provide extra class or resources where normally not available Eliminating The Ugly standard Porta potty at your special event.

Our portable toilets rental periods include daily, weekly, and long-term rentals. Restroom attendants are available upon request. All restroom trailers may be combined with additional units to serve larger events. Please contact your local Royal Restrooms office for pricing, availability and for other trailer features.

This Single Stall Mobile Restroom Features

One Flushing toilet

A hand washing station

Available in standard portable for construction sites, luxury portable with ada compliant to make every purpose suite the restroom experience.

Single-Stall Unisex Restroom Trailers

Originally this portable restroom trailer rental was intended for production companies and D.O.T. project sites, the Royal Restrooms Single-Stall Unisex portable bathroom rental is the ideal choice for private parties, office renovations, or any small wedding restroom rentals where space is limited. This portable toilet rental Occupying a modest 126 square feet, is a unisex restroom trailer was made to be extremely mobile and can fit almost anywhere. A deluxe portable toilet that puts any porta potty to shame.

Unit Dimensions

Length: 13′ 8″ (including trailer tongue)

Width: 8′ 5″ (with stairs down)

Height: 10′ 6″ (ground to top of A/C unit)

Dry Weight: 2,800 lbs


Two-Stall Restroom Trailers

One of the most popular choices for wedding restroom rentals and luxury portable bathrooms. The two-stall portable restroom trailer rental features private stalls for both men and women, while still remaining compact and easy to maneuver. The women’s stall is furnished with one sink and one toilet, and the men’s stall is outfitted with a sink, a toilet, and a urinal.

Unit standard portable Dimensions

Length: 16′ 6″ (including trailer tongue)

Width: 12′ (with stairs down or ada compliant ramp)

Height: 10′ 6″ (ground to top of A/C unit)


Portable toilet rental features

2 Hand washing station with water

2 flushing toilets

Air conditioning/heat

Ada Compliant ramps optional

Ideal for arestroom experience for special events, construction sites and outdoor weddings.

Three-Stall Restroom Trailers

The three-stall mobile restroom trailer rental is recommended to minimize wait times when larger groups of people are expected and is the preferred choice for business remodels, construction sites and a outdoor wedding. This luxury restroom rental portable bathroom includes one male stall featuring a hand washing sink, a flushing toilet, and a urinal, and two female stalls, each furnished with a hand washing sink and flushing porcelain toilet.

Standard Portable Unit Dimensions

Length: 20′ (including trailer tongue)

Width: 12′ (with stairs down or with ada compliant ramp)

Height: 10′ 6″ (ground to top of A/C unit)

Ten-Stall Restroom Trailers

The ten-stall restroom trailer provides ample space for patrons and guests at larger events and festivals. The male lavatory offers three private stalls, three urinals, and two sinks, while the female lavatory offers four private stalls and two sinks. Separate entry and exit doors keep restroom traffic flowing smoothly.

Unit Dimensions
Length: 28′ 6″ (including trailer tongue)
Width: 13′ (with stairs down)
Height: 11′ (ground to top of A/C unit)

Platinum Restroom Trailers

Featuring oak woodwork, hardwood floors, and an internal stereo system, the Royal Restrooms Platinum Edition is the gold standard for portable restroom trailers and the elite choice for high-end events and gatherings. Offered in two-stall and three-stall variations, the Platinum Edition is perfect for weddings and black-tie events.

Unit Dimensions (Two-Stall)
Length: 16′ 6″ (including trailer tongue)
Width: 12′ (with stairs down)
Height: 10′ 6″ (ground to top of A/C unit)

Unit Dimensions (Three-Stall)
Length: 20′ (including trailer tongue)
Width: 12′ (with stairs down)
Height: 10′ 6″ (ground to top of A/C unit)

ADA Plus Two-Stall Restroom Trailers

Our ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) portable restroom trailer complies with all applicable portions of the ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) and is the preferred restroom choice in situations where facilities must meet ADAAG requirements. Unit includes one male bathroom furnished with a toilet, a urinal, and a sink, one female bathroom and one unisex ADA bathroom, each furnished with a sink and a toilet.

Unit Dimensions
Length: 24′ (including trailer tongue)
Width: 14′ (with stairs down)
Height: 10′ 6″ (ground to top of A/C unit)