Construction And Job Site Portable Restrooms

Single Stall Portable Restroom Trailer

Single-Stall Unisex portable bathroom is an ideal choice for those searching for toilet trailer rentals for their intimate gatherings, such as private parties and reunions. It may be combined with additional Royal Restrooms for larger events where temporary portable restrooms would ease the stress of ensuring proper facilities for the expected crowd. Originally designed for production companies and D.O.T. project sites with mobile offices, the Royal Restrooms Unisex portable bathroom is also ideal for bike races, marathons, emergency situations, and disaster relief where power and water sources for portable restrooms and toilet trailer rentals are not readily available.

Single Stall Portable Toilet Rental Offers

  • Full mobility
  • Easy setup
  • Compact size
  • Unisex
  • 120V power source Can use a generator for additional uses
  • Flushing Porcelain Toilets
  • Sink with Running Water
  • Vanity and Mirror
  • Soap and Hand Towels
  • Air Conditioning or Heat
  • Low Level Outdoor Lighting
  • Occupancy Light Indicator
  • Rugs, Pictures, and Flowers
  • 80 gallon to 200 gallon waste holding tank.


Our Portable Restroom Trailers Offer

  • Running water and or shower units available
  • Heating and cooling units available powered by generator or 120V outlet
  • Porcelain toilet units with sinks available
  • Generators to provide lighting in remote locations
  • Short term and long term rentals available with cleaning cycles you can count on
  • Multiple stall units with urinal and toilets for max use capacity
  • Occupancy light indicators
  • ADA Wheelchair complaint options
  • Self-contained and may be battery operated to utilize the lights and restroom exhaust fan.


Single Portable Restroom Trailer

The Regal Portable Restroom Experience™


Knowing that there’s no place like home when it comes to personal care, Sauers and Glisson designed their Royal Restrooms with consideration to the comforts and amenities that one would find under their own roof. Each of the spacious Royal Restrooms included fully functioning bathroom fixtures, vanities with mirrors, toiletries, and climate control.

But it didn’t stop there. Sauers and Glisson further defined their Royal Restrooms brand, calling it a regal portable restroom experience™, and added contemporary decor, music, and their signature butter mints on the counter tops.

Finally, the team decided to make their luxury restrooms fully mobile and housed them inside custom trailers that provide outdoor lighting, stairs with handrails, and occupancy light indicators.

After over a decade in business, the Royal Restrooms product line is comprised of over a dozen variations of luxury portable restroom trailers, and the Royal Restrooms portfolio of services includes countless events from weddings, festivals, sporting events, office remodels, emergency responses, and everything in between.

Unisex Restroom Dimensions

Single-stall portable restroom trailer exterior.

Actual Dimensions

Length: 13’ 8″ (including trailer tongue)
Width: 8’ 5″ (stairs down)
Height: 10’ 6” (from ground to top of A/C unit)
Dry Weight: 2,800 lbs

Single Stall Restroom

Rental Options For Single Stall Portable Toilet Units

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Year Round leases
  • Purchase
Single-stall portable restroom trailer on-site.
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Types Of Other Portable Restroom Out houses available

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Single Stall Portable Restroom outhouse trailer 1

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